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Internship - Account Management and Marketing

4-12 week internship experience in providing a world class service to the clients of

Role description

The successful candidate(s) will work in a young, vibrant start up. Helping to shape in its earliest stages of development. We will aim to provide you with experience in your defined role, as well as broader exposure to the business and social media world.

The role covers all aspects of ensuring our clients (coffee shops, pubs and restaurants) are receiving the best possible service from In particular, ensuring that their listings are full and complete, and are obtaining the greatest amount of consumer exposure as possible. The role may involve some travel within the UK.

Key tasks

Assisting in account management and marketing. Tasks will include:

    - Ensuring venue listings are recorded correctly
    - Appraising and rating venues
    - Monitoring and reporting on performance of venue listings within the site
    - Assisting with the promotion of venues through online marketing campaigns

Candidate(s) sought

You will be a self-starter, motivated and with a keen interest in social media / online activities. You will comfortable with "rolling up your sleeves" and getting involved with all aspects of a small start up.

You may be at an stage of your career, including still at university.


Internships are typically unpaid work experience. However we will reimburse a reasonable level of travel and subsistence (lunch etc.) as appropriate. In special circumstances we may also consider consider paying a small salary.

Where candidates excel, there may be a full time job offer available at the end of their internship.


Please send a CV and covering email to

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