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About Us

Have you ever found yourself arranging a meeting over a coffee somewhere, and struggled to find somewhere to go:

  • Is it quiet?
  • Will I get a table?
  • Do they have wi-fi?
  • Will it be open at 8am?

Or simply ended up using the same old coffee house time and again - which is ok - but not great?

We did.

So we set about finding the best places to use wi-fi, work for a few hours on the fly, or just grab a coffee. Then Tom (our tech guy) came up with the great idea of sharing these sites with other people on a mobile website.

So in 2012 we set up woffee.com. Finding, rating and sharing the best places to Wi-Fi | Work | Coffee.

The site is entirely free for consumers to use. We also added a meeting invite form so you can arrange everything in one place.

If you have any suggestions how to improve the site, please let us know at admin@woffee.com.

We hope you enjoy!